Bravo Services

Bravo Productions provides a wide range of services; from designating locations, assisting necessary set-ups, offering means of equipment rental, assigning crew members, to even arranging transport where needed. Bravo Productions meets needs and demands, making every mission a possible one. Bravo Productions also manages to make necessary arrangements where legalities apply; coordinating with local authorities and obtaining filming permits where necessary. At Bravo Productions, any liaisons with the local authorities are handled, including the facilitation of necessary information to maintain the 'green light' for provisional import & export of equipment and material.


Here at Bravo we rely on a wide range of suited and exquisite locations available via our archive. Panerai Replica With beaches, cities, monuments, mountains, and a compelled variety at your fingertips, we have plenty of ways and venues to satisfy inventive production.

Permits and Legal

Production is a job that requires effective planning, expertise and a lot of paper work; here at Bravo Productions we are aware of all the procedures essential to issue permits for any particular medium. Therefore, knowing everything we need to know to process your production and bring it to life. This makes our profession to turn your imagination into an audience's reality.


We provide, client Personal Assistants, cell phones, broadband Internet, personal office space.

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